Kitchen Hood Suppression System

Kitchen Hood Suppression System in UAE


Firstly, Kitchen suppression is an automatic wet chemical extinguishing system designed to protect equipment, life and property. Industrial kitchens are a major source of fires and these suppression systems counteract that.
Kitchen suppression systems are designed, tested, and approved to provide fire protection for commercial kitchen cooking appliances, hoods, and ducts. The suppression systems consist of an agent storage tank, manual release station, an automatic releasing mechanism, and supply piping that directs the agent to nozzles strategically positioned at heat sources in the kitchen.

Kitchen Hood Suppression System Work?

A fire needs three things to thrive: oxygen, heat, and fuel. Once the system detects a fire, the nozzles above the appliance will discharge wet chemicals. These wet chemicals are engineered to quickly put out fires by covering the flames and starving them of oxygen. As soon as the system trips, the gas line to the appliance will also be immediately cut off, depriving the fire of fuel.
This two-pronged approach quickly puts out a kitchen fire without affecting other cooking stations. This means that you don’t lose all of the food being prepared in your kitchen, just the food that was burned in the fire. Since fires produce a lot of smoke, the hood automatically turns on to remove the smoke from your kitchen. Kitchen hood suppression systems respond automatically to fires, which minimizes loss.
If you’re looking for a code-compliant and cost-effective Kitchen Suppression solution for your application, we’d like to help. We will tailor a solution that fits your needs, no matter your size, complexity or line of business. From new installation to retrofit, freestanding or integrated, we will configure your system specifically for its environment — with thought given to ease of expansion or future upgrade.

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