Every business is required to have a formal Fire Safety Policy, from small nurseries & offices to large hotels & commercial units. It is an important part of our fire safety management system for compliance under the civil defense rules. There should be a good demonstration of the company's fire safety procedures and what actions people should take in the event of fire. This will ensure the safety of employees, and any visitor to the company's premises, from the dangers of fire. We must take care of fire safety policy ensuring that it will be effective and safe by all aspects.

Phlox Security & Safety Equip. LLC can help businesses with any other fire safety procedure they may require, as we have a team of experienced fire safety professionals who will be able to handle all kinds of situation and to protect people from anxiety and danger.

It is to be ensured that reasonable precautions are taken to provide a safe working environment and that steps are taken to prevent or minimize the causes of fire. The following points are to be checked properly.

  • Ensure suitable and sufficient fire risk assessments are carried out
  • Implement protective and preventative measures as required to ensure the safety of all ‘relevant persons’.
  • Appoint competent persons in implementing the measures ensuring that all aspects of our premises or plant or equipment provided to secure fire safety are maintained by a competent person in an efficient and fit state, in efficient working order and in good repair in accordance with fire risk assessments as required.
  • A fire safety policy and procedures designed to protect both life and physical assets. The effectiveness of this policy depends not only on physical precautions designed to prevent the occurrence and spread of fire, but also on the cooperation of every member of staff, visitors and relevant incumbents. Compliance with the fire safety policy and procedures is a legal requirement. All staff will have duties and responsibilities in respect of fire safety.

As such our priority and endeavor are to be focused on fire safety policy to protect the people before any mishappenings, damages or loss of lives