Foam Hose Reel Station

Foam Hose Reel Station in UAE


At first, Foam hose reel station is a self-contained unit that relies only on water flow and pressure to place the system into operation.

It is designed to be installed in a fixed location such as processing, storage or handling areas. it is used to control fires or spills of flammable or combustible liquids.

The unit is constructed in such a manner that one person may operate it to its full potential with speed and effectiveness in an emergency situation where foam is required.

These self-contained foam stations require only water pressure to operate compared to other.

It is designed for installation in fixed locations to cover areas such as those for machinery, process, and also helipads.
All the foam stations are designed and manufactured in accordance with industry standards.

Features & Specifications:

  • Nozzle is a non-air-aspirating type, which has a better flowrate and gives a constant flow on straight jet or fog patterns
  • Foam concentrate storage tank is manufactured using GRP or SS316 stainless steel
  • Tank is supplied with 1/2″ drain plug and 4″ fill opening on top of tank
  • In line educator pickup tube has manual ball valve.
  • The manual ball valve can be closed so that the unit can be used with water only.
  • In line educator has variable suction selector of 1%-3%-6%
  • Brass manifold with full port ball valves.
  • Suitable for use with any type of foam concentrate.

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