Master and Distribution Panel

Distribution Panel in UAE


Distribution Panel operates in conjunction with the Fire Alarm Control Panel (FACP)

in a building to provide automatic response to life safety emergencies.

It includes all necessary features to provide an effective voice evacuation system. It can be custom configured to satisfy the needs of any high rise application.

This system includes capacity for 6 channels of simultaneous audio. This provides evacuation messages for stay-in-place, or other public address announcements and automatic messages.


  • True Multiplex 6 Channel Distributed Audio and Integrated Fire Phone capability
  • Modular System – components added as needed and Integrated 2 Channel Digital Message Repeater
  • Fully Supervised, Easy Installation and Operation and Natural Sound Voice Recordings
  • Red Color

As you know, Fire safety should not be taken lightly. Placing very high fire-safety preventive measures is important since it keeps people safe from danger and harm. It can also minimize the cost of damage recovery and prevent future costs due to possible lawsuits. It is also important to place a good effort in knowing what particular safety measures are needed to prevent fire-related accidents. Luckily, PHLOX Security & Safety Equip. LLC is here to help you with your fire-related equipment needs.

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