Fire Alarm Cable – UL Listed

Fire Alarm Cable in UAE


Fire safety should not be taken lightly. Placing very high fire-safety preventive measures is important since it keeps people safe from danger and harm. It can also minimize the cost of damage recovery and prevent future costs due to possible lawsuits. It is also important to place a good effort in knowing what particular safety measures are needed to prevent fire-related accidents.
Fire alarm cables is one case as well. Since these cables are used for fire alarms and fire-preventive measures, these cables should be able to function while there is an ongoing fire. Installing regular wires may cause larger fires or worse can lead to accidents since these wires are not specially made for the situation. There are a lot of considerations needed especially if you want to ensure the proper installation of your fire alarm system in your establishment.

Luckily, PHLOX Security & Safety Equip. LLC is here to help you with your fire-related equipment needs.

PHLOX Security & Safety Equip. LLC is a fire fighting and fire alarms supplier based in Sharjah, UAE. We also install fire-prevention alarms and systems and we have a wide range of products for different fire-preventive measures needed, and part of our product offerings are specialized fire alarm cables that are UL listed in UAE.

Particularly, we offer Soloarti Fire Alarm Cables that can come in two dimensions:1.5 mm x 2 core x 100 meter and 1mm x 2 core x 100 meter. This particular fire alarm cable can withstand to temperatures up to 250OC and are halogen free in its composition. More importantly, these multicore cables are fire resistant and can maintain circuit integrity in high temperatures. It prevents noxious smoke from interfering with the internal circuitry of equipment lessening the potential damage by acid-forming gases.


  • Soloarti Brand
  • 1.5 mm x 2 core x 100 meter
  • 1 mm x 2 core x 100 meter
  • Halogen Free
  • Withstand up to 250°C