Network Repeater Panel

Network Repeater Panel in UAE


Designed and manufactured to the highest standards in a quality-controlled environment the Network Repeater Panel is a simple and convenient method of extending the controls and indications of the fire alarm control panel to other locations

Fire safety is important and integral in every establishment. Preventing fire hazards is the responsibility of every building owner.

At this time lives will be at risk if a firefighting institution fails to follow fire protocols set by the government and it can also lead to immeasurable costs and lawsuits as well.


  • Provides remote control of System
  • Password protect Access Levels
  • Flush – mount or Surface – Mount Structure
  • Functional control of network panels
  • Built In Class A Network Board (P-9940A)
  • Operation Voltage: 24 VDC
  • Stand by power: 9W, Maximum Power: 13W
  • Low power consumption

Fire detection system repeater panels provide a suitable solution to public spaces Such as restaurants, Hotels, or lobbies where the main panel needs to be installed in a restrictive or busy area where it may be damaged and fail.

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