Addressable Smoke with Sounder

Addressable Smoke with Sounder in UAE


Fire safety is important and integral in every establishment. Preventing fire hazards is the responsibility of every building owner. Lives will be at risk if a firefighting institution fails to follow fire protocols set by the government and it can also lead to immeasurable costs and lawsuits as well. An addressable smoke with sounder is a relatively new fire-safety device that can be incorporated into different buildings and establishments to prevent fires and accidents caused by fires.
PHLOX Security & Safety Equip LLC is a firefighting and fire alarm supplier based in Sharjah, UAE. Phlox also install fire-prevention alarms and systems and we have a wide range of products for different fire-preventive measures needed.
Part of our product offerings is affordable and cost-efficient addressable smoke with a sounder in UAE.  It provides the highest quality and the best price of addressable smoke with sounder in UAE.

At PHLOX Security & Safety Equip. LLC, we offer the GST Addressable Smoke with Sounder Beacon Base I-9406.


The alarm sounder of this addressable smoke has a sound output ranging from 85 – 92 db. It also has 16 different programmable tones. It also comes in two colors, ABS and ivory white. This specific addressable alarm system is perfect for establishments such as restaurants, hotels, and residential, retail, and commercial buildings. Addressable smoke also has a customizable feature that allows the sounder strobe to activate whenever the detector activates making this unit ideal for sleeping areas and can alert sleeping individuals.
Another great feature of the addressable smoke with sounder is its sandwich design which does not consume a lot of space and can be easily mounted on ceilings with minimal installation effort.
Addressable smoke is also loop powered which means it does not need any additional cabling. For primary evacuation up to 30 units can be installed in its loop; however, for an early notification system set-up, more than 100 units can be installed in the loop.

  • GST Brand
  • Bi-Color
  • 85 dB Sounder