Addressable Smoke Detector

Addressable Smoke Detector in UAE


There are certain situations that a smoke detector would not be enough in fire management and safety. In instances of smoldering fires, addressable smoke detectors would be the best choice. This smoke detector would be ideal for dense smokes of fires that were produced from the burning of soft furnishing, plastic, foam, or similar materials that easily smolders.
PHLOX Security & Safety Equip. LLC is a fire fighting and fire alarms supplier based in Sharjah, UAE. In terms of fire safety and prevention, we are a leading expert and we also install fire-prevention alarms and systems. We have a wide range of products for different fire-preventive measures needed, and we, specifically, offer the GST DC-9103E Conventional Rate of Rise and Fixed Temperature Heat Detector.


The GST DC-9103E is a new generation product of GST that works stably by being fixed with a highly reliable fire judging program. It is also built with a microprocessor enabling a compact design. When detecting fire signals, it can change its own current to transmit the proper signal to the fire alarm control panel or the location of the addressable zone monitor unit. This smoke detector will keep illuminating fire LED until it is reset by its own system ensuring that the signal would be well received by people within the vicinity of the hazard.

Other unique features of the model are its programmable classes enabling up to 3 classes of program. It also has a reed switch testing. Its design is sleek and aesthetically pleasing allowing a low-profile and unobtrusive design that can easily complement any modern building. It is also electronically addressed and it comes with a remote indicator as its output terminal. The LED contained in the smoke detector also allows 360O viewing and smoke detection. Lastly, the product complies with EN 54-5.

In Phlox Security and Safety, We provide the highest quality and the best price of Addressable Smoke Detector in UAE.