Central Monitoring Battery System

Central Monitoring Battery System


Central Battery System for Emergency Lighting means, that the backup power source for the Emergency and Exit Lights is provided centrally. In other words, each Emergency and Exit Light does not need to have a battery or supercapacitor of its own. Central Battery System is often perceived as a solution for large buildings and sites, but, it may often pay off using a small Central Battery System in a building with no more than twenty Emergency and Exit Lights.

Reliable and easy-to-operate central battery system constructed in accordance with the requirements.

The system monitors each output circuit individually and with the use of address modules – each luminaire.

High-quality Central Monitoring Battery Systems, from small central backup power supply units to big, centrally monitored Emergency Lighting systems, containing thousands of addressable Emergency and Exit Lights.



  • LCD display with easy-to-use menu
  • Automatic test performing
  • Automatic detection and adding luminaires to the system
  • Monitoring of each luminaire
  • Monitoring of each circuit
  • Programming and configuration of the luminaires directly from the central unit

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