Addressable Heat Detector

Addressable Heat Detector in UAE


This detector is extremely reliable for use in places that may have high dust levels or a smoky environment, making a normal smoke detector unsuitable.


  • Fixed temperature and rate of rise heat detection
  • It is aesthetically pleasing with a low profile, unobtrusive design that will complement modern building designs.
  • Electronically addressed
  • Twin LED for 360º vision
  • With Remote indicator output
  • Stable sensitivity
  • Advanced software prevents from false alarms
  • Low power consumption
  • Protection from electromagnetic interference

As we know Fire safety is important and integral in every establishment. Preventing fire hazards is the responsibility of every building owner.

At this time lives will be at risk if a firefighting institution fails to follow fire protocols set by the government and it can also lead to immeasurable costs and lawsuits as well.

PHLOX Security & Safety Equip LLC is a firefighting and fire alarm supplier based in Sharjah, UAE. Phlox also install fire-prevention alarms and systems. Also, Phlox has a wide range of products for different fire-preventive measures needed, Part of our product offerings is affordable and cost-efficient Addressable Heat Detector in UAE.

We provide the highest quality and the best price of Addressable heat detector and all types of Fire fighting equipment in UAE.