Addressable Control Panel

Addressable Control Panel in UAE


Addressable fire alarm control panel 200-1 &200-1 packed with features not usually associated with smaller systems, providing a high-quality solution at an exceptionally good value.
This system is compatible with intelligent Detectors, Sounders, Call Points, and Interfaces, including gas extinguishing controls.
The loop capacity of this addressable fire dedection panel is about (235/477) intelligent and there are 30/60 logical configurable zones in addition to optinal Fireman’s control panel and also LCD graphical display.

In addition to that, there are 30 Zone indication and the ability to manually intervene, with evacuation and control of each zone, including control of all equipment under an alarm condition.
The positive alarm sequence provides an alarm delay of automatic detection devices for up to 180 seconds provided a trained personel acknowledge automatic detection device alarm at the control panel within 15 seconds.
Both maintenance reports of the dirty detector and pre-alarm signal are built in as standards to be one of the most ideal systems for many applications.
This panel programmable from PC and Advanced user friendly programming software including “Fuzzy Logic.

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