Water Fire Fighting System


Put on the back of a Ute or trailer and transport the Mobile Fire Fighting Skid where it is needed. To extinguish fires on your property or even water plants in during non-fire season.

It’s a 1000-liter IBC tank which is UV stabilized so it will last a fair few years out in sunlight. It has a fire hose reel with 30-meter hose on it with nozzle and fittings, and it’s 19 mil hose. The fire pump is a Davey 5155 firefighter, which has a Honda GX 160 5.5 horsepower engine. The base is approximately 2m long by about 1.1m wide and has been manufactured to hold the IBC tank, hose reel and the fire pump for easy lifting onto the back of a Ute or a trailer.

Firefighting Skid Specifications :

  • Tank Capacity: 1,000 Liters
  • Tank Type: UV Stabilized IBC
  • Pump Model: j-line
  • Pump Engine: Honda GTX160 5.5 HP
  • Hose: 30m fire hose & reel
  • Skid Size: Approx 2m x 1.1m