Vehicle Suppression System

Firefighting Rescue Car

Rapid Intervention Vehicles are built on dual-axle vehicle chassis of  UAE manufacturers with permanent all-wheel drive and dual tires. Tank contents are selectable with contents of up to 1,700 l. Additional systems, such as an optionally available dry powder units as well as CO2 systems, complete this series.

The vehicle types can be differentiated as follows:

  • 2-door single cab for two persons
  • 4-door double cab for five persons

The rear bank of seats can be fitted with stowage’s for the compressed air breathing apparatus system. Both engine variants, as well as the gasoline engine with 326 hp and the diesel engine with 300 hp can be selected,


The firefighting equipment integrated in the impresses with the following performance features:

  • firefighting pump with output of up to 1,500 l/min at 10 bar
  • Pump drive via own pump engine (gasoline or diesel) for simultaneous driving and firefighting
  • Automatic foam systems water/foam roof turret or bumper turret
  • Under truck nozzles on all wheels and on the front of the vehicle
  • Rapid intervention system with hose reel


A 90 kg dry powder unit as well as a 30 kg CO2 extinguishing system are optionally available. Halogen, Xenon or LED light mast make working in the dark easier and provide additional safety.