Clean Agent Filling Machine

Machine principle

Filling machine using the compressed air as power source,

Through the Sun center air driven gas booster filling pump, driving the FM200/NOVEC filling and conveying, when the transmission weight/pressure (of FM200) reaches a certain value, the air driving gas booster pump stops working.

Then Connecting the nitrogen gas source, open the high-pressure nitrogen gas valve and start injection of nitrogen; when precision pressure gauge shows the needed nitrogen pressure then close the nitrogen valve; filling finished; It has the characteristics of small volume, light weight, simple operation, reliable performance. Especially suitable for the filling of FM-200/NOVEC in firefighting industry.


Main parameters:

The driven source: compressed air (by air compressor, need 3-8 bar air pressure)

Medium: FM200/ NOVEC/Nitrogen

Boost ratio: 5:1

Output pressure: 4.2 Mpa/5.3Mpa

Gas source connector: fast insert 12 per cent

Output interface: ZG1/4 internal thread


Operating Procedure

  1. Add lubricating oil to the FR.L Combination, the South with 10# or 20# mechanical oil, the northern winter with antifreeze mechanical oil or low condensate hydraulic oil.
  2. Close the driven air ball valve, connected to the compressed air source and let driven air pressure not more than 0.8MPa (8 bar).
  3. Place the good empty cylinder, close the FM200/NOVEC switch, close the high pressure nitrogen switch.
  4. Closing the unloading valve, open high pressure needle valve and low pressure air driven source ball valve, the filling pump starts, observing the change of the weight of on the electronic scale, when the set weight is reached, turn off the driving ar ball valve manually, and the pump will stop working, then close the switch of HFC-227ea/FM200/NOVEC
  5. After the completion of the FM200 filling, open nitrogen valve, observe valve before the pressure gauge (pressure standard table), through pressure reducing valve to the desired pressure (pressure reducing valve after the precision pressure display) by adding nitrogen to the filling cylinder
  6. After the completion of the operation, close the high-pressure valves, manual ball valve and nitrogen valve;

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